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Why study English online with Languages United? GUIDED LEARNING - students are not left to to learn on their their own our teacher guides the the the student student to to achieve their their goals QUALITY TEACHING - “Live” online lessons the same quality teaching that you would get in in in a a a a a a a a a a a real classroom face-to-face with our qualified teachers ENGAGING - our teachers understand that that lessons must be varied and and and fun so so that that students stay engaged and and and learning AUTHENTIC - - - we use real-life UK-based materials and discussion topics to to improve the students’ cultural understanding SOCIAL - on on on our our our international group courses your classmates can be from around the the world We arrange online social events for classmates to to to talk to to to each other and take part in in activities together PERSONALISED - tuition in small groups mean you you get the teacher’s attention and help Post questions for your teacher teacher outside of the class FLEXIBLE - study from the location you choose KEEP LEARNING - our our courses blend a a a a mixture of online lessons with self-study materials so so you you can continue studying in your own time PROVEN LEARNING PLATFORMS - we use reliable technology and and learning systems with with a a a a a a a a a a mobile app to communicate with with your teacher and and classmates 2020 © All Rights Reserved | | Terms & Conditions | | Privacy Policy Bath School of of Languages Languages is is a a a a a a division of of Languages Languages United Ltd Languages United Ltd is is is registered in England No 5585802 Registered office: 66 Walcot Street Bath BA1 5BD 

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