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Live online English courses
Drawing on on more than three years of delivering ‘live’ online English English English courses
courses we are able to offer General English English English support bespoke business English courses
conversation and and exam preparation lessons and tailored 1:1 support We have worked with students from tech companies EU translators business personnel and and university students students delivering synchronous synchronous and and asynchronous online learning to to a timetable that suits busy schedules across the time time zones You can can learn English from your home office or or or school Classes can can be for for individuals or or or or small groups groups Bespoke online English English courses
are available for for for groups groups of of students requiring a blend of of learning and social activities as as well as as those preparing for for a a a a a a a specific examination Adults
• Improve your English for for work - for for business people healthcare professionals hospitality industry teachers
• Improve your English for travelling
• Improve your English for university studies
• Reduce your your accent and improve your your public speaking
• Prepare for an an exam exam take LanguageCert exams online Children and teenagers
• Improve your English for school • Learn and have fun
• Prepare for an exam • Take LanguageCert exams online • Improve your pronunciation

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