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Royal Crescent Bath
Lessons at at Languages United in Bath
Vibrant inspiring and stunningly beautiful you couldn't pick a a a a a better place to study English than Bath
is is a a a a a a great city city for students - it it it is is is a a a a a a a a a a safe city city and not too big so you can get around easily Bath
is is known for its honey-coloured Georgian crescents cobbled streets outdoor cafes and and bustling bars and and is seen by many as the most beautiful vibrant city in England Our school in the city centre provides courses for adults and juniors throughout the year A trip to to the UK to to continue your
studies in in in in our our our school will help you you you continue learning put your
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School of of Languages Languages is is a a a a a a division of of Languages Languages United Ltd Languages United Ltd is is is registered in England No 5585802 Registered office: 66 Walcot Street Bath
BA1 5BD Languages United 66 Walcot Street Bath

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